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The hike up to the Refuge is well known for the marmots profusion. All long the way up, you would come close to it. At spring time, you may see some young baby marmots squabble with each other.

Hide on high slopes you could see some Chamois watching you. It's always better to walk early morning or late in the afternoon to see more wildlife. 

If you do have good eyes or a pair of binoculars you may notice a Royal Eagle or the Bearded Vulture. 

In autumn it's common to hear the Deer bellow.


Across the valley, you have a great view on one of the European biggest alder forest.

In this protected environment, flower lovers would appreciate an abundant and varied flora, depend on the time of the year. A nice selection of Savoie protected flora could be seen in the Vanoise National Parc.


On the way to the refuge and above, you walk on the Glacier discovering path of Champagny en Vanoise. This path is linked with the Glacialis Glacier Museum in Champagny le Haut.

10 minutes walking up above the refuge, you will find Notre Dame des Bergers Chapel and the Gliere lake. This one dried out on the 15th June 1818 disaster...

Attend the Beaufort cheese traditional workmanship at the alpine pasture chalet, it's call the Plan du Sel and you will be there within an hour walking. 


On a day walk, from the Refuge, go to the Lac des Echines (1h30), to the Col de la Gassaz (2h30) or even to the Refuge du Col du Palet (3h00) for a great break or a night...


Keen on trekking on several days ? You should try the Vallaisonnay Tour from 2 to 5 days

in a row and visit refuges around.

Build your own trip on  :


If you prefer longer adventure, go walk the surrounding area on the Grand Tour of Tarentaise

Trek around the highest Savoie summit, the legendary Grande Casse (3855m) between Champagny en Vanoise, Tignes and Pralognan with a start in the village you like. 

Don't forget your IGN trekking maps :

N°3633ET - Tignes

N° 3534OT - Les 3 Vallées


For mountaineers, and well trained hikers, there are some classic glacier and climbing route, starting from the refuge. The well known Col de la Grande Casse, Dome de Pramecou, the Grande Gliere North spurs or even the Epena mountain.

It's recomanded to surround yourself with mountain professionals to do thoses alpines routes. 

Rock climbing, glacier hiking, off tracks walking, think about High Mountain Guides.


Not really like walking ? don't want to carry your bag ? Try a horse or donkey trip !

parcours OTV.png

Le P'tit Ranch à Champagny le Haut


Need more information ?

Questions about your trip ?

Refuge keepers are here to help you, to advise you. 

Give us a call, we speak English.

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