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Services & price list

In a such secluded place, without modern energy performance, we do our best to suggest you simple but great food. We do serve a maximum of local food.

Some goods are also from organic production. 

Home made is not an option here.

To slake your thirst or to warm you up, enjoy our selection of cold and hot beverages.

If hunger is coming, no worries, from noon we cook omelets, mixed salads, local cheeses and dry meat on slate, vegetable soup,..

A nice selection of French wines will match wonderfully with our food.

If greed is bringing you here, you should try our sweet home-made pies, cakes, pancakes or blueberries jam "fromage blanc".

If you stay with us for the night, you can also book your diner and breakfast.

Refuge price list 2024
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For technical reasons, we can't accept credit cards. We apologize for that.

Only a night..

In a traditional dorm, which is an old sheepfold turn into a refuge.


In this little house, you have everything to cook your own food, we provide crockery, gaz and fire wood for you.

Don't forget your personal sheet bag and pillowcase.

If you don't have your sheets, we sold reusable and disposable ones.


If you don't feel like carring your food, book a half-board. You could choose between a bed in the traditional dorm or a bed in the 4/5 beds confort dorms.


Don't worry, we get everything ready for you.

Price include night, diner and a full breakfast.


The diner is served at 7pm and breakfast at 7:30am.

Special diet ? please contact us via email (extra charge).


Don't forget your personal sheet bag and pillowcase.

If you don't have your sheets, we sold reusable and disposable ones.


A wood-burner will warm fresh evenings up and will dry your wet clothes in case of bad weather.


Several toilets are accessible in the refuge.

Having a warm shower is possible, you will need a paying token from the reception. Water and hot water is a precious thing up there.

In case of emergency

From June to September, when we look after the refuge, we have a satellite phone connection, and an assistance radio in case of emergency.


The refuge is equipped by the Pharefuge association. We have on site, a full medicine box if needed.

Be aware that from September to June (winter) there is no one up there, no assistance phone or radio and no cell phone connection.

From noon, we serve lunch "a la carte".

We cook no flashiness meals, simple but great local food. You will find different drinks, home-made desserts, pancakes,...


Half-boarders have a only one diner menu. A full and balanced diner, composed of a starter or a vegetable soup, a home-made main course and dessert.

A nice selection of french wine will match wonderfully with our food, just ask.

A buffet full breakfast is included in the half-board option. 


For those who need, we provide picnic lunch to take away. We appreciate if you book it before your stay.

Special diet. Please contact us by email or phone before showing up (extra charge/pax.)


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