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How does it works in winter ?

Between mid-September to mid-June the next year, nobody is keeping the refuge.

Only the little stony dorm stay open with 12 beds and covers. 

When snow is here keep in mind that there is a danger. No path visible. Perfect knowledge of weather, snow, ice conditions and of avalanches level is required.

For your own safety, surround yourself with pros.

Mountain guides would be happy to lead you.

We take no booking at this time of the year. However sleeping up there is not free.

You have to pay 10.00€/night/pax in the box.

The price include gaz and fire wood to warm the place up. 

We come often to check the place.

We would thank you to help us keep this place clean and tidy. 

Please take your own dustbin down in the valley :)

If you have any question, or if you notice something wrong up there, give us a call.



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